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Hello and welcome to my awesome website!

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I am a 21 year old rapper. I live with my family, my dad, my sister Beth and my mum and and sometimes do fun stuff with them, and have a banter. I have pets in my family, Rolo a staffy crossed with Labrador. My girlfriend is Samantha.

I first came to Rock School at Tang Hall SMART 4 years ago when I was at my old school Applefields which is next door. To start with Sue and Gareth coached me and now it is Neil. I have done loads of performances like York Barbican, Fibbers, The Duchess, Regeneration, Gamelan and in town rapping for SASH.

I have a new CD just out on Musication label, Sue helped me. Neil is the producer, and he is an awesome person (so is Gareth).

I rap about love, being in a club, representing others who have Down's Syndrome and losing limbs and people who are homeless.

Every Monday I come to Rock School and Sue helps us to do fun stuff and I rap.

I am going to do a blog on different weeks and let you see my videos.

Jonny in a cool car
My birthday gift! (Joke)

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