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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

2nd November - Hi there! I'm Jonny The Wolf! It's been a while since I updated my blog! So many cool things have been happening in my life I'm super excited to share it with you.

I am now attending The Jam Factory Studios in York! Tang Hall Smart is delivering awesome sessions there and I absolutely love it !

On Friday mornings (after my gym session) I do rapping with Neil , Rob and Faz. I love rapping and I feel like I'm living the dream!

I also get to do Job Coaching with Mat , Lucy and Becky . I love job coaching .

I really enjoy being a part of the group on Fridays because I feel happy being who I am with these people. Sometimes I help Sue because she helps me to be famous and now I am learning to help other people who have problems and are going through a rough patch and I help them to feel better.

I want to help people as a job role like Sue does because I want to encourage them to look forwards in life .

I've changed so much on my journey because I started rapping to help me process my feelings about losing people in my life . Those people are now in Heaven and I rap for them . This means a lot to me.

I have Down's Syndrome . I do need help . I do cope by myself very well but need support.

If I could give other people who also have Down's Sydnrome some positive advice it would be " don't be afraid because there are people who can help . Keep looking forwards and believe in yourself . I am here to help aswell. "

Peace out , from Jonny The Wolf

November 18th

Hi there its me ! Jonny The Wolf!

This week I have been helping out at The Jam Factory in York.

I like being strong and helping others to be strong.

It's important to be strong to help build a good future and also to understand people more.

I find rapping helps me to be strong.

It helps if you are kind to people who are struggling and also remember who we are and don't ever give up on ourselves!

Try to keep things real! Thinking about positive thoughts is really important to keep you happy.

This week in job coaching at the Jam factory I learned about different instruments and where to put them when setting up on stage . I looked at electric guitar , acoustic guitar and drums .

I have also been rapping with Neil, Faz and Rob and Sue came in and she always cheers me up no matter what !

I am having a good day and I'm loving it!

Peace out! Enjoy yourself! From Jonny The Wolf (wolf howling sound)

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